Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pinpoint Pro for iPhone fiends you and shares your location now with Satellite view

Thanks you all for providing good feedback. One of the features people asked for is to include a satellite view. We just did include that and here are the first screen shots for Pinpoint Pro v1.1 with Satellite view.
Now it is just a matter of time for Apple to approve the application. We expect the new version to be available for download by end of August (this year ;-) )

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pinpoint Pro a location sharing app for the iPhone

The app uses the new map functions of the iPhone OS 3.0 and allows you to share a

ny location.


Let the built-in location service find your location. Just use the share function to send it via email or start up TXT/SMS.


You can pinpoint any location by moving the map around to the location you want to share. Great for arranging meet-up.


Email sharing is built-in. The app also copies the location into the clipboard so you can paste it in any app on the iPhone: Twitter, SMS/MMS, notes, blogging.


The app prepares all the relevant information for you to share with your friends or family. Your friends receive the address information, an attached map image, and a link to google maps. If your friends have an iPhone they can see your location on the iPhone maps application. If they are on the computer they can see your location on a google map in the browser.


◊ Let your friends know where you are

◊ Send the location for tomorrow’s lunch meeting

◊ Send yourself an email with the current location

◊ Let coworkers know that you are late


√ Locates you using the iPhone GPS

√ Locates you using our fingertip

√ iPhone 3.0 interactive Map

√ Sharing via email with attached Map image

√ Copies address and location in clipboard

√ Sharing via any iPhone app using paste

√ Move the map interactively to any location

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Firepin v 1.3.1 is out - sharing works again

The new version 1.3.1 is now available in the AppStore http://tinyurl.com/firepin.

We highly recommend to upgrade.
The new version of firepin for the iPhone includes essential bug fixes.
  • share your trip immediately form the iPhone
  • view your trips in the iPhone Maps app
Tips around Trip Sharing
Did you know that sharing works per trip?

For each trip you can decide whether you want to share or not.
  • A new trip can only be seen by you.
  • You can share the current trip anytime form the iPhone
  • You can share any trip via our web site from a PC or Mac
  • You can disable sharing for any trip via our web site from a PC or Mac
Further trip management features are available when using http://firepin.com with a desktop browser (e.g. Firefox).

Friday, March 6, 2009

Firepin's Approach to total Privacy

With almost 3 Million Geo locations stored in the firepin database we take privacy very serious. 

One obvious concern with Firepin trip tracking is that police or government organisations could use the data to track the user down or to see where they have been.

We have thought about that problem hard and long  right from the start and we came up with a great approach to keep protect users privacy. 

Firepin keeps no personal data. 

There is no way that we or anyone else could link back to the the user based on the data that is stored in the firepin database. 

Firepin's approach to ensure total privacy:
  1. We don't keep a login or email
  2. We don't store any personal data - there is no need to
  3. Our "No Sign-Up Approach" means we don't store any user logins
Power to the user:
  1. The Firepin app gives you access to all your recorded track.
  2. Firepin must be installed on the device to authenticate on the website
  3. Only the phone user can login to Firepin to see their maps or trips
  4. Even if another person would get access to a users firepin account they would not be able to find out the user's identity
  5. If Firepin gets uninstalled the link between your maps/tracks and yourself gets broken and there is no trace back possible.
  6. The user decides how much they want to make their tracks public on their blog or website
We don't collect user data we collect geo data.

Friday, February 27, 2009

GeoUpdater and PinPoint is now Longitude

We renamed our iPhone Geo app from GeoUpdater (boring) to Longitude.
Longitude is an iPhone app that finds your current location emails a map image of your current location. It is available on the iTunes AppStore (check it out here).

Hey, is that not already available in the standard Map app on the iPhone? Not quite! The Map app can only email a link to a google map. Longitude includes an image of the map in the email. We find that more user friendly and hope you will too.