Friday, November 21, 2008

PinPoint for iPhone now on AppStore

PinPoint is the latest app in the Firepin family.

It's an easy to use app that lets you find & share the Address of your current location.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Questions around PinPoint on the iPhone?

PinPoint on the iPhone answers the question: 

"What is the address of my current location?"

Here are some questions and answers around PinPoint on the iPhone you might find useful:

Why is it asking for my name?
This is so it can personalize your email text. It will use your name and make the email read like this: "John is currently near..."  (replace John with your name).
You will only asked for your name the first time you press the "Share" button. From then on it will use your name each time you share your current address via email. 

How can I change my name?
Click the information button (tiny "i") on the button bar. The info screen displays a button with the label "Edit your name".

Why is the address not correct?
This could be because you try to use in a location where the iPhone GPS cannot get a signal. Usually this is happening in a building (e.g your office or home) or when you in a narrow street. To get the most accurate result you need to ensure that you are outdoors with clear view to the sky. Even without GPS signal we try to get an address. However, this address might not be very accurate or might only contain the suburb without street.

What does the message mean: "(weak signal)"?
It means your iPhone is not getting a GPS signal. Your phone will still be able to find your location based on "cell tower triangulation". However, this will return only vague address information. Usually this will return only the suburb you are in. A message will indicated that the result has only "low accuracy". This happens if you are indoors or in narrow streets.

What does the message mean: "(some signal)"?
It means your iPhone is not getting a GPS signal. Your phone will still be able to find your location based on "Wifi triangulation". The address that will appear is most likely not accurate.  After PinPoint has finished locating you it will show you a message telling you that this result has only "medium accuracy". This happens if you are indoors or in narrow streets.

What does the message mean: "(good signal)"?
Your iPhone's GPS is working fine and you can expect an accurate address result.
This is what you can expect when you are outdoors with clear view to the sky.
Why is this message popping up "Traveling? Try Firepin trip tracker"?
Finding a location can take up to 30 seconds. So we thought you might want to get some information about other applications form us. Firepin is a trip tracker and as a PinPoint user you might be interested in this free app. (Firepin download informationHow to use Firepin Trip Tracker)

Monday, November 17, 2008

PinPoint on iPhone is coming

When you want to let someone know what your current address is then PinPoint has the answer.

PinPoint locates you, shows a map and the current ADDRESS. Within seconds you can tell or email someone your address along with an image of the map and the link to Google maps.

PinPoint for iPhone extends the Firepin product family and offers useful features that are different.

PinPoint is non-technical: No need to deal with longitude and latitude

PinPoint returns real ADDRESS: Converts the location into a readable address

PinPoint is not a map application: But includes a small map for fast response

PinPoint gives visual, textual and vibration feedback after it finished finding the address.

You can use PinPoint to:
- Let someone know where to meet
- Email an address to yourself to keep a record
- Let your partner know how far you are away from home
- Find out the Post Code of your current location

So, PinPoint should be ready for download from the AppStore in a couple a days. We are currently waiting for Apple to review the app.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to keep GPS on while iPhone is on standby

Your iPhone is switching off GPS as soon as you put your phone in standby mode. This is a measure by Apple to conserve battery. As a side effect users of GPS trackers like Firepin Trip Tracker will not be able to record accurate locations when in standby mode.

Using a car charger will keep the GPS on even in standby mode. An extended battery pack will keep the GPS running too. But what if you are walking or running and want to use Firepin to record your trip in best possible accuracy?

Here is a trick we found to keep your GPS running even when your iPhone is in standby mode.
  1. Launch Firepin Trip Tracker on the iPhone
  2. Start tracking
  3. Lock the screen
  4. double press Home button on your iPhone
    (iPod player control will pop up. Did you know that?)
  5. Press play
  6. Reduce volume if you don't want to listen to music
  7. Lock the screen again
Voila, now GPS is working even your phone is locked.
Chuck your iPhone in your pocket and Firepin will record your trip with best accuracy.

Sounds complicated? Once you are used to the little trick it is easy to use. The result is worth the effort.

Here is the how you enable background GPS in pictures: