Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yahoo Fire Eagle vs Google Location API

Yahoo's fire eagle is bringing some movement into the location-based application and platform space. Long anticipated I got my Fire Eagle login today. So I could not wait trying it and playing around with location-based applications.

So far I was exclusively using Google Maps and Google APIs to do location tracking and Map visualization. Google Maps for mobile has it spot on in terms of providing a map of your current location. Install the app, hit a button and BAM you have a map.

I guess I have to rethink. Fire Eagle seems to go into the right direction. Although the applications that work with Fire Eagle are limited. The apps I checked out are Zonetag on my Nokia N95 and Firebot on twitter .

Unfortunately, both apps did not impress me.

Zonetag is updating my location in Fire Eagle. But when I check my location on my Fire Eagle account it is very rough (telling me that I am in Australia - yeah Australia is LAAARGE where the hell am I exactly)

Firebot on twitter was disabled due to some IM problems in twitter.

I guess Fire Eagle needs to improve its data and accuracy before it useful (in Australia).
Happy to hear from other users on the globe how Fire Eagle works for them.

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