Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to keep GPS on while iPhone is on standby

Your iPhone is switching off GPS as soon as you put your phone in standby mode. This is a measure by Apple to conserve battery. As a side effect users of GPS trackers like Firepin Trip Tracker will not be able to record accurate locations when in standby mode.

Using a car charger will keep the GPS on even in standby mode. An extended battery pack will keep the GPS running too. But what if you are walking or running and want to use Firepin to record your trip in best possible accuracy?

Here is a trick we found to keep your GPS running even when your iPhone is in standby mode.
  1. Launch Firepin Trip Tracker on the iPhone
  2. Start tracking
  3. Lock the screen
  4. double press Home button on your iPhone
    (iPod player control will pop up. Did you know that?)
  5. Press play
  6. Reduce volume if you don't want to listen to music
  7. Lock the screen again
Voila, now GPS is working even your phone is locked.
Chuck your iPhone in your pocket and Firepin will record your trip with best accuracy.

Sounds complicated? Once you are used to the little trick it is easy to use. The result is worth the effort.

Here is the how you enable background GPS in pictures:


B Faris said...

When you use this technique, how much battery life are you getting / using?

GPS tracker touts 5 Hours with app running in the foreground.

Cara Russell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cara Russell said...

Do GPS units, like a Magellan GPS, that aren't phones still have the tracking/recording capabilities?

kadarulloa said...

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