Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Firepin v 1.3.1 is out - sharing works again

The new version 1.3.1 is now available in the AppStore http://tinyurl.com/firepin.

We highly recommend to upgrade.
The new version of firepin for the iPhone includes essential bug fixes.
  • share your trip immediately form the iPhone
  • view your trips in the iPhone Maps app
Tips around Trip Sharing
Did you know that sharing works per trip?

For each trip you can decide whether you want to share or not.
  • A new trip can only be seen by you.
  • You can share the current trip anytime form the iPhone
  • You can share any trip via our web site from a PC or Mac
  • You can disable sharing for any trip via our web site from a PC or Mac
Further trip management features are available when using http://firepin.com with a desktop browser (e.g. Firefox).


Fabien said...

A bug on public page :
Last Updated: about 2 hours ago
And on firepinlist (it's correct) :
Last Updated 12 minutes ago

Timezone Europe/Paris for me.

ammon said...

thanks for the app guys. I use it almost every day. The app crashed on me once last night though and I don't see a feedback link here to send crash logs. Want them?

JohnD said...

Hi guys,

I plan to use your app so my wife can keep track of my motorcycle rides and not worry. If I just give her an access code it appears that the browser stores a cookie and she will always have access to my trips from that browser. My thinking is if I get an access code for our home and work computers she can just go to www.firepin.com and be able to tell where I am any time I have the app running. Is that correct?

Armin Kroll said...

John, you are correct.
If you use the access code it will set the cookie until you press "reset session".

If you want to be more selective what your partner should see then I would recommend that you use the sharing feature on the iPhone.

Start a new trip by giving the trip a new name. Then share the trip with your wife. This will send an email with an embedded link to her email address. Now she can only see that one trip. When you create a new trip name she wont be able to see that trip.

Just remember for every trip you want her to see that you need to create a new trip name and then share it with her.

nmb said...


I use your app on my weekend mtb trips and it's awesome. is there a way to export the trip so I can calculate altitude graphs and other data? thank you!

Armin Kroll said...


there is no "official" way to export the trip data yet (will come in a future release). the altitude is stored along with all your trip data but we haven't got around to offer the export function.

If you need the KML file that contains the the location points (no altitude) and time for each point then you do this...

1. Go to your trip list on the iPhone.
2. Open a trip and click "open map >"
3. This will open the iPhone Map app with your trip.
4. Copy the URL in the search field of the Map app
5. Email it to yourself.
6. Open email on a desktop PC/Mac and click on the link
7. Save the file which contains all data for that trip

JohnZilla said...

Thank you very much for this application. I was searching for this type of application, assuming it would exist, and came across FirePin. My only question is, where does the list of emails get populated from for sharing a trip, and can I control this? My list is full of garbage and irrelevant email addresses, I'm assuming from my Google mail account. I'm running FirePin on Android.

JohnZilla said...

Is this application no longer supported? Used to be able to send a share link from my android phone. Now, email never get sent, making the feature pretty much unusable.

Daniel Bradby said...

It seems our mail queue got stuck sometime yesterday. I've restarted it and mail is flowing again.