Friday, July 17, 2009

Pinpoint Pro a location sharing app for the iPhone

The app uses the new map functions of the iPhone OS 3.0 and allows you to share a

ny location.


Let the built-in location service find your location. Just use the share function to send it via email or start up TXT/SMS.


You can pinpoint any location by moving the map around to the location you want to share. Great for arranging meet-up.


Email sharing is built-in. The app also copies the location into the clipboard so you can paste it in any app on the iPhone: Twitter, SMS/MMS, notes, blogging.


The app prepares all the relevant information for you to share with your friends or family. Your friends receive the address information, an attached map image, and a link to google maps. If your friends have an iPhone they can see your location on the iPhone maps application. If they are on the computer they can see your location on a google map in the browser.


◊ Let your friends know where you are

◊ Send the location for tomorrow’s lunch meeting

◊ Send yourself an email with the current location

◊ Let coworkers know that you are late


√ Locates you using the iPhone GPS

√ Locates you using our fingertip

√ iPhone 3.0 interactive Map

√ Sharing via email with attached Map image

√ Copies address and location in clipboard

√ Sharing via any iPhone app using paste

√ Move the map interactively to any location


Unknown said...

I have just now purchased PinPoint PRO on my iPhone 3GS. Problem! When I start the program, it opens and then immediately aborts (closes)!
What's up?

Armin Kroll said...

It is hard to say what the problem is in your case. If you like you can send us a CrashLog. Best you send a email to support[a t] and we can take it from there.

Tim said...

Purchased Pinpoint Pro, looks like a nice little app. Any way to add the Google Maps functionality for satellite view and hybrid view, etc. to the map? This would be nice to have when I'm not near a street (like on a hiking trail, etc.)
Thanks, Tim

Tim said...

Also would be cool to be able to see and input coordinates relating to map pointer and sent location to "meet me here"

Armin Kroll said...

Tim -satelite view is going into the next update. Next update will be submitted to Apple soon.

Unknown said...
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Andy said...

Is there any way of exporting the co-ordinates & time data from firepin in to csv?

The Colony Neighborhood Watch said...

Does pinpoint pro do the same things such as firepin, where you can send a link to someone and they can follow your trip progress in real time?

Also, it sure would be nice if you guys would implement a choice of US standards of measure along with the metric, some older folks can't figure out how far I have gone! :-)

The Colony Neighborhood Watch said...

I wish you would update Firepin. None of your paid applications have the tracking feature Firepin has. In my opinion it's the best application you have, but it needs some serious upgrades. Even if you make it a paid app. It has been come an essential application for our family travels, so we can all see where we are along the way. I would purchase one of your other apps but none of them do this. Please consider updating Firepin.

Niki said...

Hi all! Has anyone tried Pozzr? ( ) Looks like a great tool.