Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Firepin now available for Android G1 phone

Did we mention that FirePin Trip Tracker is now available for the Android phone.

FirePin uses integrated GPS location services to record any trips you make with your Android G1 phone. Share trips easily and instantly from the G1 phone, allowing friends and family to monitor your progress on their home computer.

US based users can now download it for free from the Android Marketplace. UK users will also be able to use FirePin on the G1 phone from next week. Happy trip tracking!


grogeek said...

I'm in Switzerland and it's work great with my G1 imported fron the US.

Nice app !!

Unknown said...

It mostly works.
When I view the tracks on the web site, it has a few bugs:

- The trip I logged 10 minutes ago shows "Last Updated: about 5 hours ago".

- When I mousse over the data points which are about 4 feet above sea levee, it shows "Altitude: -10.0m".