Friday, October 3, 2008

FirePin v1.0 ready for Apple AppStore.

After weeks of team discussions, heaps of trips to get test data by driving around in cars, trains, bikes, and on rollerblades. After weeks walking around in the office or around the office building - annoying our co-workers at the OpenHub. After visiting remote areas of Australia. After a lot of fun developing the FirePin service and iPhone Application we decided that it is time to show FirePin to the rest of the world by putting it in the Apple AppStore. 

Here is what you will see in the AppStore Description:

FirePin uses integrated location services to record any trips you make with your iPhone.

Your path is shown as a series of pins on the iPhone’s built-in google map, and is also accessible on the web.

Why is FirePin different?

1: FirePin is simple, non-technical and does exactly what it claims to do.

2: Quick start: just name your trip and press go.

3: Trips are stored online and securely web accessible but NO registration is required, providing complete anonymity.

4: Share trips easily and instantly from the iPhone, allowing a friend and family to monitor your progress.

5: This app and all updates will remain free until iPhone’s ‘push’ functionality is enabled by Apple. Even then we will look after our early users.

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