Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Submitted new version of FirePin

Today, we have submitted an updated version of FirePin Trip Tracker to the Apple AppStore. In version 1.1 we have focused on simplicity.

make GPS tracking with the iPhone as easy as the iPhone itself

...this was our primary goal. V1.0 is already the simplest online GPS tracker on the iPhone but we wanted to make it even more accessible to non-technical iPhone users. 

In less than 5 seconds the user can start recording to our online database

...was our secondary goal. This is great for users who have not used online GPS trackers before. 

Changes and Featured of FirePin Trip Tracker v1.1
  1. We removed the Terms of Service screen. Now you can use the app one click earlier.
  2. No need to type in a trip name. 
  3. After installing FirePin you can instantly press the "Start" button.
  4. Online recording starts straight away so you can send a link to a online map earlier.
  5. User account gets automatically created for you. 
  6. FirePin can now be launched from Safari.
Why are we going through all this effort?

Non-technical users tell us that they want to share their trips with friends and family in a simple and intuitive way without being exposed to any complicated GPS terms. The problem with most online GPS trackers today is that they are not user friendly.  User needs to register online (yet another account to remember) then punch in some long and cryptic device ID. After fiddling around for 5 minutes or longer user finally can record a trip or they are so frustrated that they have given up. These users may stay away from any application that has GPS in it's name because you have to be a geek to set it up.
We think we can fix that!

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