Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sending a Trip Map to Twitter from your iPhone

Are you using Twitterrific on the iPhone? It's a great twitter app. Besides twitter browsing and posting, it allows you to send your current location to twitter. But how about putting a whole trip into twitter

Here in the office we like twitter. That's why we came up with the simplest possible solution to send any trip ever made with FirePin to twitter conveniently from the iPhone. 

Check out the new twitterrific button in FirePin.

Twitter a FirePin trip:
Until now it was too hard! "Select a trip, share it via email to yourself, copy the link, create a tinyurl, open twitter and paste the link."
From today it's easy to share a trip on twitter from your iPhone. We have released a brand new FirePin feature that does all the work for you and integrates nicely with twitterrific.
  1. On your iPhone click the "Maps" button in FirePin.

  2. Select a trip you want to add to twitter.

  3. Press the twitterrific button.

  4. Twitterrific app launches with a tinyurl link to your shared trip. -: Done!

You can download twitterrific for free from the AppStore so you can enjoy this new feature.

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