Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to use Firepin on the iPhone 3G

Now that the Firepin iPhone app is available to download for free via iTunes we thought it is time to explain how the application works.

Getting started:
  1. download Firepin from the Apple AppStore
  2. Start the app and type the name of the trip you want to record and press "Done".
  3. In the main screen press the "Start" button to record your trip.
  4. Now, this is where you need some patience until the iPhone location service has determined your location.
  5. Start moving around outdoors so the GPS can track some locations.
  6. If you to see something like "Accuracy: 74 m". Then the GPS is working nicely.
So, now you are recording your first trip. Not very spectacular - but wait.

Share the trip:
After 4-5 minutes you should have recorded enough locations pins to start "sharing"
  1. Press "Share" button and the app will start the email app in the iPhone with a link to your current trip.
  2. Send the email to a friend.
  3. Quit the Mail app and start FirePin to continue recording.
  4. Your friend can click on the link and see your trip on a Google map (either on the iPhone or in a web browser)
Record another trip:
  1. You need to create a new trip. Press "Config" and change the trip name.
  2. Don't worry about your previous trip. It is safely and securely stored on our server so you can access it any time.
  3. Press "Done" and "Start" to record the new trip.
To see your trip on the iPhone Map app:
  1. Press "Maps" button.
  2. The first time you need to type in the letters shown and submit.
  3. A list of your trips will be displayed.
  4. Select the trip you want to see on the map
  5. iPhone Map app will start and display your location pins
Manage your trips:
Once you have more than one trip you can manage them. You need to use a web browser from your computer to manage your trips.
  1. Go to ""
  2. When prompted you need to type in an access code.
  3. On your iPhone go to "Config" and press "Request New Access Code"
  4. An code will be displayed and you need to type that in your web browser.
  5. A list of your trips will be displayed.
That's it. The next article will explain how you can use Firepin to track your friends or family in "real time" as they move.

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