Friday, October 10, 2008

An iPhone 3G app that is different

jTribe has finished its first iPhone application. It's called FirePin and is a simple iPhone app that allows a user to track trips. 

We have chosen a minimalist approach and tried to avoid things that we found annoying on other iPhone apps.

Yes it is yet another tracking app. But this one is different. This is not a hard core GPS tracking system. It is about letting other people know where you are on a trip. Sharing and protection were the key design goals of the app.

Introducing our "no sign-up"approach

When the iPhone came out I ended up with 5 new user accounts on the Internet and stopped using apps that ask me to sign-up. Our app does not required the user to sign-up. Install and use it straight away.

"no sign-up" and still protected

The location data that is send to our FirePin location store is kept anonymous. It is impossible (even for us) to conclude who has submitted locations.

Power to the iPhone user

The user can manage and control all data from the iPhone. 
  1. Creating new trips, 
  2. sharing trips with friends and family, 
  3. accessing trip history and 
  4. displaying trips in the iPhone Map application.
However, access through  a non-iPhone web browser is also possible and supported and offers some more advanced feature such as post-editing trips interactively in our integrated Google Maps application. 

We are using it too

The jTribe folks (who are owners of an iPhone) are using FirePin too. Our first-time users thought: "Why should I use this app?" But then we found heaps of useful things we could do with it and it became kind of addictive. 

Things to do with FirePin
  1. Letting our partners know how far we away from home.
  2. Sharing our holiday trips.
  3. Letting coworkers know how far we away (when stuck in traffic and running late for a meeting).
  4. Record outdoor activities such as running, bike riding, hiking (not swimming).
  5. Mark a fishing trip and keep it for later reference.
  6. Share a trip with family members so they can track you on your way to a family gathering.
We hope that other iPhone users find it as useful as we do.

Ah yes, and it's actually free!


Mr. Haklab said...

I look forward to seeing the FirePin app! It's going to be interesting to see how long Apple takes to approve it. Keep us updated.

Daniel Bradby said...

It's already approved. You can download it now from iTunes. That took 8 days .. not too bad

Armin Kroll said...

Here is the link to the FirePin app in the AppStore. Click and it downloads it through iTunes.

Unknown said...

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